Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Snowy Saturday and a Warm Quilt

We had a dusting of snow here in Southern Indiana overnight. The temperate is 27 degrees as I type this. One could say our family is a blanket family when it comes to spending quality time together (especially on cold days like this) either reading, creating or watching our favorite basketball team play ball (Go Hoosiers and Miami). There is no better blanket than a handmade quilt.

Before my grandmother passed away she made each member of her family a full size quilt. No machine was used just her hands, which makes each of the quilts in our family even more special. We use her quilts each and every day and today is that kind of day when a quilt is required - it's cold and the Hoosiers are playing ball today.

There is a special quilter on Etsy, Never Not Quilting, that I have grown very fond of not only because she is a kind soul who shares her beautiful fabric scraps with me, but because her quilts remind me of my grandmother's quilts. She has such an eye for putting together the right fabrics. Her color choices are just beautiful. She offers lap quilts, full size quilts, baby quilts and also quilt patterns. Be sure to check her out. You won't be disappointed.

Here is a link to her shop: plus one of my favorite quilts on her site:

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