Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gourd Bird Feeder

This time of year we always take special care of the birds who stay here for the winter. I have always been one to purchase fun and unique bird feeders. 

My husband, Mike, is a gourd artist and is always cutting gourds in half using tops of gourds for hats or other unique things. On a particular day this past fall he was working on a witch for a customer and he cut the top off of a small martin gourd (for the witch hat). I asked him what he was going to do with the bottom of the gourd and he said, "I'll make a bowl out of it." In comes my bright idea - a birdfeeder!

And so that is how Mike started making and selling these little bird feeders. The birds love it because they can sit in the middle of the bowl and as the bird seed goes farther down into the bowl I think it gives them a sense of security that, Shilo, the neighbor's cat can't get them. If you would like one just leave a comment. They start at around $15, depending on the size of the bird feeder. He also can put a design on them as well.  Mike does all kinds of things with his leftover gourds and this is just one example of how he tries to use every gourd. 

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